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Parent/Student Handbook

LAUSD Parent/Student Handbook

This publication, updated yearly, contains important resources and information for all District students and parents/guardians and for those considering attending the Los Angeles Unified School District. It is important that parents and students review this document. A complete list of topics covered in the handbook is provided below.

Absences for Religious Purposes
Notification of Truancy (Not) Letter
Religious Release Time Program
Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Violence-Prevention and Prohibition
Alternatives to Using Preserved and Live Organisms in Science Classes
Asbestos Management Plan
Before and After School Programs
Blackboard Connect Notification System 
Bullying and Hazing Policy 
California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) 
California English Language Development Test (CELDT) 
California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) 
California State University Early Assessment Program (CSU-EAP) 
Camp Returnees 
Cellular Telephones 
Challenges to Pupil Record Information 
Change in Ethnicity/Race Identification of Students 
Change of Residence/Emergency Information 
Child Abuse 
Code of Conduct with Students 
Common Core Technology 
Coordinated Safe and Healthy School Assessment and Practices 
Discipline Foundation Policy 
Dress Codes/Uniforms 
Educational Options Schools 
Emergency Preparedness – LAUSD 
What can Parents do During an Emergency 
Emergency Response 
Federal and State Laws Affecting Family Educational Rights and Privacy 
Food Services Division (Café LA) 
Breakfast in the Classroom 
Meal Applications 
Nutrition and Café LA Menus 
Foreign Student Admissions 
Foster Care - Students Placed in Out-of-Home Care by Department of Children and Family Services
(DCFS) or Probation 
Free Expression Including Political Conduct, Rallies, Assemblies, Demonstrations, etc.
Grade Change Request Process 
Gun-Free Safe Schools 
Health Information 
Asthma Program 
Communicable Disease Prevention 
Medication in Schools 
Oral Health Information 
Physical Examinations 
School Mental Health Services 
Type 2 Diabetes Information 
High School Graduation Requirements 
Counseling Component 
Homeless Students 
Integrated Pest Management Program 
Internet Access 
Interscholastic Athletics 
Location of Pupil Records 
News Media Access 
No Child Left Behind - Public School Choice 
Nondiscrimination Statement 
Nurse-Family Partnership 
Opportunity Transfers 
Parent Community Student Services 
The School Volunteer Program (SVP) 
Parent's Right to Know 
Parent Involvement 
Parent Involvement Policy 
Parental Rights 
Parent/Guardian Annual Notification Regarding Condom Availability Program 
Permits and Student Transfers 
Interdistrict Permits and Transfers
Intradistrict Permits and Transfers 
Physical Fitness Test Pupil Attendance Options 
Pupils with Temporary Disabilities 
Restitution/Parent Liability 
School Accountability Report Card 
School-Based Medi-Cal Services 
School of Residence 
School Schedules 
Sex Education Courses Complying with the California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS
Prevention Education Act 
Sexual Harassment Policy 
Special Education: Complaint Response Unit (CRU) 
Student Accident Insurance 
Student Health Insurance 
Student/School Code of Conduct 
Student Searches 
Students‘ Personal Property 
Students with Disabilities and Special Education 
Students with Disabilities under Section 504 
Supplemental Educational Services 
Suspension and Expulsions 
Appeal of Disciplinary Action 
Rehabilitation and Reinstatement from Expulsion 
Title IX and Students 
Transportation-School Buses 
Conduct on School Buses 
Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) 
Visitors to School Campuses 
Williams/Valenzuela Uniform Complaint Process

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